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The iconic Porsche 911

In the topic of iconic cars, Porsche always leads the conversation, and for a good reason! We at Deckorate are also big fans as you can see in our collection of Porsche car wall art and Porsche car skateboard decks. We have a wide variety of classic 911’s, the 964, a DLS singer, Rauh-welt Porsche, and so on. But what makes the Porsche 911 stand out, and why is it such an iconic car for a lot of car enthousiasts?

What exactly makes the Porsche 911 so iconic?
  1. The iconic shape of the Porsche 911

First, you recognize a Porsche 911 when you see one, there’s no mistaking it. The distinctive line with the low, flat hood in front and the bump in the back has stayed the same during all these years. Off course Porsche has made a few tweaks during the years, but overall, the way a 911 looks staid pretty much the same. That’s the familiarity you get when you see a Porsche 911 and that’s for sure something which makes it stand out from most cars.

A beautiful and unique appearance has always been one of the strongest suits of the Porsche brand. The company’s designers do an impressive job of balancing unique and striking features with timeless appeal. Its classic models, like the 1970’s era Porsche Carrera, are still just as eye-catching today as they were when they first appeared in showrooms. The forward-extended bonnet and recessed area before the windscreen in the 911 Carrera are examples of the iconic designs that have come out from Porsche’s design team.

  1. Porsche keeps its value

Second, a Porsche still has one of the lowest depreciation rates. The Porsche 911 retains the highest value among all sports cars with a depreciation rate of 37 percent, where for other sports cars this lies on average at 48 percent. This not only makes it a good investment for car enthusiasts but is also very reassuring when you buy one. Seventy percent of Porsches built (ever!) are still on the road. Considering this is a luxury brand, this number says a lot of its reliability and driving performance.

  1. A true performance car

Without a doubt, the Porsche 911 is a performance car through and through, and you can practically hear it whizzing by you when you see its picture. It evokes feelings of power and freedom, even if you’re trapped at work (or stuck at home in lockdown during a pandemic). Moreover, as a luxury car, the Porsche 911 oozes class and extravagance. That artwork is a constant reminder of your fantasy life, and for many, it’s motivation to work toward your biggest dreams. Who hasn’t dreamt of once owning a Porsche when he was a little boy?  

  1. Porsche community

Porsche is not only known for its cars, but also for the many Porsche fanatics. Whether you own a classic Porsche, a new Porsche or whether you are just a fan, it doesn’t matter. You will always find someone who appreciates this stunning car.

What makes Porsche unique as a brand is it puts a lot of effort into helping customers keep their cars on the road. It is clear that for this manufacturer, they want their cars running instead of being kept in a garage. Case in point: Porsche continues to service and provide factory support for its vintage cars. Owners can still find genuine parts for many of its classic models.

  1. Drives like a dream

Porsches have incredible balance and drive as smooth as silk on the road. Porsche cars have an incredible shock absorption capability: drivers feel like they are one with the car as it glides on asphalt given how well and accurately it responds to the wheel. The experience is like driving on air regardless of the condition of the road.

The interiors are very pleasing to the senses. Drivers and passengers will have utmost comfort, pampered with plush leather seats, beautiful wood inlays, and premium-looking metal surfaces and hardware.

The newer models boast some of the latest technologies for automobile entertainment, like 3D sound systems, intuitive touch screens for the driver and passengers, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

Why our Porsche 911 decks are so popular?

With the beauty of the Porsche 911 and the emotions it captures, it’s no wonder that so many artists and print shops have produced art that features this car. Why do people around the world choose our wall art specifically?

  1. Unique

A Porsche on a poster or canvas is off course nice, we also offer these. But to put our designs of a Porsche on a skateboard gives it just that extra touch. People will immediately notice the art on the wall and consider it something more special than just another frame on the wall.

  1. Quality

When you buy a piece of art to hang on your wall, you want it to be around for the long haul. That all rests on the quality of the materials. All our decks are 7-layered maple wood and have a quality finish with a heat sticker similar to the ones being used to wrap cars. This gives it not only a very qualitative look, but it’s also matte. Therefore, you don’t have any reflections, which is nice when you want to take a picture of your interior or the artwork itself.

  1. Giving back

Another reason why people like to buy skateboard decks from Deckorate, is because we try to give back. For each deck that’s being purchase, we plant one tree through an organisation called Bwoods.

  1. It’s affordable

Car wall art for car fanatics, that’s what we stand for. We believe that anyone should be able to get the pieces they love and to dec(k)orate their walls with awesome car art that’s affordable.

  1. Variety and Selection

We offer a wide range of Porsche’s. Not only the very well know like the classic 911, the Porsche GT3 or Porsche 992, Which we offer in different colours, but also some with very distinctive liveries like the Porsche 911 Pink Pig, The Porsche Martini. On top of that we also have some special edition porsches like the Rauh Welth 3 pack, The DLS Singer Porsche. Check out the list below to see all available Porsche’s.

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How to get your own Porsche 911 skate deck Wall Art?

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