7 ideas on where to hang your skateboard wall art.

That you hang your wall art on your wall, seems obvious, no? But where’s the best place to hang your decorative skateboards? In our opinion it sometimes depends on the design of the print on the skateboard, but most of them you could easily hang in every room of your house. To get a good idea on where you can hang our beautiful skate decks, we’ve made a nice list per room.

Skateboard wall art for your living room

This is perhaps the most common room to hang up skateboard wall art. Just as you would hang a nice picture or a painted canvas, you could easily hang it on the wall in your living room. The only difference is that it looks hipper & trendier than just regular wall art. It grabs the attention from your visitors and is often a conversation starter. It’s also more than just a piece of furniture, it’s more an extension of your personality.

Skateboard wall art for your garage

Maybe not the first place you would think of, but if you have seen our car designs, you’ll definitely understand why this is one of our favourite spots to put a decorative skateboard. Off course a lot depends also on which garage you have, if you have a dark garage and you only use it to store some stuff and make sure your car doesn’t get wet, it might not be the ideal place. But, a lot of car lovers and petrolheads, have a garage that they use as a showroom to show off their nice car. If you have a garage like this, then you’ll know what I’m talking about, and then you’ll understand why this is the perfect place to hang your skateboard wall art. Even better is to have a custom designed deck that matches your car, now how cool would that be? Check how you can order your customized skateboard.

custom porsche skateboard wall art

Skateboard wall art for your bedroom

Another rather obvious place to hang your skateboard wall art, is the bedroom. Your bedroom is the ideal place to really go all the way, and really pick something of your own choosing. Whereas in the living room, or another shared space, you will always have to get approval, or make sure everyone living in the house agrees with the design. In your own room you don’t have that problem. You have full control over what you can and want to hang on your walls.

decorative skateboard wall art for the bedroom

Skateboard wall art for your kids or baby’s bedroom

In a kids or baby bedroom you can always be a bit more creative. By choosing a skateboard as a design element for the room it automatically becomes a more playful room and I bet they, but also their friends, will think it’s awesome. For the baby’s room it’s also possible to get a customized deck with the name of your new-born, we can even make it in the same style as your birth card. Cool huh? More info on our custom decks page.

Skateboard wall art for your office

Your office is probably one of the best places to hang a decorative skateboard. Just like in the living room, it’s a great conversation started and almost always gets noticed by people. It doesn’t matter if it’s your work office or your home office, it looks great. If you have your own company, it might also be nice to make a customized skateboard with the name of your company or one of the products that you’re selling. The possibilities are endless!

home office skateboard car wall art

Skateboard wall art for your kitchen

Your kitchen is also a great place for hanging some wall art. However, we wouldn’t just hang every design in our kitchen. For example, it seems rather strange to hang a car design in your kitchen, it just doesn’t work. So, it’s nice to have some wall art in the kitchen, but it’s rather a place for some contextual art, like for example a skateboard with a nice quote related to food or drinking, or a more minimalistic skateboard design.

Decorative car wall art for the kitchen

Skateboard wall art for your toilet room

Yes! The smallest room in the house definitely could use a more creative approach. You can choose for a striking colour, a photo wall, a wall picture, etc., but what would be really cool, is a nice skate deck on the wall with a cool quote, a car or something that stands out and says something about you or your family.

Got an idea on where to hang yours? Great, know it’s time to choose the design you like!

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