5 different ways to hang up your decorative skateboard wall art

1. A skateboard wall mount

The probably best way to hang your decorative skateboard is to just buy the wall mount that is made to hang skateboards like this to your wall. They’re specially made to hang up your skateboard and a wall mount makes sure that it’s firmly attached to the wall, which is recommended when hanging it in the neighbourhood of a window so it can't swing.

2. Fishing wire to hang up your skateboards

One of the easiest, and probably also cheapest, ways to hang up the decorative skateboard, is probably this one. You simply thread the fishing wire through the holes in the skateboard and you hang it on a nail in the wall. It’s maybe the easiest way, but definitely not best way as it might start swinging when wind is blowing through the room or when you bump into it. Another disadvantage is that it might damage the skateboard or your wall, since it leans against the wall.

3. Hang your skateboards like a picture or frame

A similar way then the one before, but here you rather used plugs and screws to attach it to the wall. It looks more professional because you don’t see the fishing wire.

4. Use a shelf to hang up your wall art

Another way to display your nice skateboard wall art is to use a shelf with a raised side so it can’t slide off. The disadvantage is that it can only be used with horizontal designed skateboards.

skateboard wall mount shelf

5. Don’t hang it…

There’s is off course another option, and that’s to not hang it. You don’t need to hang it, you can just put it on your cupboard or fireplace. The only thing is, that you can probably only do this with horizontal designs, as a vertical one will probably fall over. 

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