Decorative skateboard wall art: a more creative way to decorate your wall!

There are a lot of ways to decorate your walls, however below we will show you why decorative skateboards are a more creative and original way to brighten up your walls.

Talk of the town

A lot of the times it’s something that people immediately notice when entering the room. Whether you hang our decorative skateboards in your office, living room, hallway, etc. people see it and you directly have something to talk about. Always easy when you, for example, invite people you don’t know that well. You’ll probably wont get the same effect when you hang a regular frame or poster on the wall. Almost anyone will notice the awesome skateboard on your wall and will say something about it. 

skateboard wall art to hang in your home office

3D effect

Another advantage is, that it adds some perspective to the otherwise boring walls. A decorative skateboard on your wall creates a nice 3D effect and adds some volume.

decorative car wall art on a skateboard

It’s all in the details

It’s already cool to hang a skateboard on your wall. The first thing people will say about it, is how cool they find it. And then they start asking questions. But, in addition to this, you can choose a skateboard with a colour or design that really pops out and adds a nice detail to your interior. Let’s say you have a black and white interior, then you could also choose for a cool chair or pillow in a striking colour, but a skateboard will always give you that extra touch.

decorative skateboard wall art for car lovers

Extension of your personality

Last but not least, a decorative skateboard on your wall is also a nice way to show people who you are. If you are for example a car lover, it’s nice to show people without having to tell them. They probably already know, but it’s part of who you are and what you find important in life. if you are also a real Petrolhead, check out all our car skateboards! 

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