What are decorative skateboards?

Decorative skateboards are, unlike regular skateboards, meant to hang on your wall or meant to display them (in your car, on a rack, on a bar, etc.). They have a decorative purpose as wall art, just as you would hang a painting, a frame, a poster or any other decorative element in your room. The difference is that it adds a 3D perspective and it just looks way cooler.

decorative skateboard car wall art

How can you hang a decorative skateboard on your wall?

There are several ways to hang or display your decorative skateboards. The two options we recommend are

a simple wall mount for skateboards.

These wall mount were created with the sole purpose of hanging skateboards to a wall, so this seems rather the obvious way.

a wall shelf with a ledge so it can’t fall off.

If you choose for a horizontal print on the skateboard, you could however opt for this solution. Pretty straight forward and easy to replace, if you would like to redecorate or change the place of your wall art.

wall mount for skateboard

For all the other option, please check out our dedicated blog on ‘how to hang your decorative skateboard to the wall?’


What types of decorative skateboards exist?

There or different shapes of skateboards; 

  • Popsicle
  • Old School 'shaped'
  • Cruiser
  • Longboard

different types of skateboards

You have other types and variations of skateboards (pennyboards, slalom longboards, etc.), but they’re less common and not really used for decorative purposes. The main one that’s being used, is the most common and popular one, the Popsicle.

What material is being used decorative skateboards?

Different types of material are being used to make decorative skateboards and there are definitely some key differences you should take into account when choosing a decorative deck.

  • Decorative Bamboo skateboards

These skateboards are made from bamboo. The material was chosen because bamboo trees grow very fast and it’s easier to find then wood. However, Bamboo skateboard are bit less solid than for example the maple wooden skateboards, but still good enough to be able to skate on them.

  • Decorative Acrylic skateboards

An acrylic skateboard is only made for decorative purposes and can only be hung on your wall. They are too fragile to skate on. Another disadvantage in our eyes, is that they are reflective. When you take a nice picture of your skateboard wall art, or even a picture of your room, you’ll always see a reflection.

  • Decorative Maple wood skateboards

Maple wood is the most common material used for skateboards and that has a good reason, it’s the most durable and solid wood you can use to make skateboards, definitely when choosing for a 7-layered deck. It’s also easy to maintain and the prints look very qualitative. On top, Deckorate always chooses for a matte finish to avoid the reflection like you have with acrylic boards.

decorative skateboard wall art Red Ferrari

Can you skate with decorative skateboards?

As mentioned above, it depends on the material. Since all Deckorate skateboards are made from Mapple wood, they can also serve as a regular skateboard. Just add some griptape, axles and wheels and you are ready to show us your best tricks!

Skateboard wall art red and grey Porsche

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