Audi RS4 B5 wall art

The Audi RS4 B5, perhaps one of the most iconic wagons in the automotive world. The B5 is held in high esteem by many VAG enthusiasts and far beyond, and that’s the biggest reason we had to make it into one of our beautiful skate decks!

Audi RS4 B5 skate deck

Our awesome deck with an Audi RS4 B5 print is available in 4 different colours of which grey, red, blue, and yellow are the best known. For the OEM enthusiasts there is also a grey version with the OEM rims! What Rims should you choose for your Audi RS4 B5 deck?

OEM Rims

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means that these rims are made by the original manufacturer of the vehicle or by an independent manufacturer that has the support and know-how of the original manufacturer. They know the exact size, handling, fitting, etc and can make sure these OEM wheels will fit perfectly on your car, unlike any other brand. This off course means that they are more expensive than other set of wheels like for example OZ or BBS rims. Luckily there’s no price difference on our RS4 B5 decks, so just pick the one you like.

OZ rims

The OZ rims are made in Italy and are lightweight alloy wheels. OZ has earned its distinction as a truly superior Italian wheel manufacturer. In nearly 45 years of history, it has worked with the most highly acclaimed automobile manufacturers, including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Aston Martin, Lotus and McLaren. These partnerships have resulted in exclusive projects and wheels that contain the highest and most innovative levels of technology and design. So, we couldn’t really make an RS4 deck without one of these bad boys.

BBS rims

Our absolute favourites as you might already noticed, the BBS wheels. A BBS wheel isn´t just a common alloy wheel. It’s passion, revolutionary and handcraft cast in metal with a unique look. It fits under almost every car we love and thus we also slammed them on a lot of our skate decks. Don’t you just love it 😉.

Is the Audi RS4 B5 the best Audi ever made?

A lot of people would say: ‘yes, it is the best Audi ever produced’. And that is saying a lot when you compare it to the current day offerings like the R8, the RS6 and vintage masterpieces and Audi racecars of the past like the Audi Quattro 90 IMSA GTO or the Audi V8 DTM. We’ll just leave it somewhere in the middle and let you decide which one you like best.

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