Your own car (or any other idea) on a skateboard deck, made in special order.

How does it work?

1) You upload a high resolution (min. 1600px) sideview picture of the car and 1 detailed picture of your wheels. More pictures can be send to

2) You describe how you want the background & give us as much details about the car as possible (type, year, wheels, suspensions, callipers, etc). The more detailed your info and  photo(s), the more detailed we can create your customized skateboard deck.

3) We create your artwork in vector design. Highly detailed, made to perfection. Takes about 3-4 weeks.

4) You'll receive the design via e-mail so you can give your feedback/approval. If we need to make adjustments: +1-2 weeks.

5) Once you have approved the design we put the deck into production and ship it (1-2 weeks)

So, please know that this process takes min. 4-6 weeks, also depending on the amount of requests we have. During busy periods this may take longer!

Upload your file