Skateboard car wall art! And why it’s better than just a picture or a poster of your car.

There are a lot of artworks, posters, photographs and other wall decorations of cars. However, most of them are printed on paper or a canvas and then hung in a frame or hung by themselves without a frame. However, a more creative way of automotive art is to print the cars on a skateboard.

Because your car deserves a special place

A piece of art of your own car or any car you love, deserves a special place in your home, but it can also be printed on a special surface. And what could be more special than a skateboard?

Automotive art on decorative skateboards just looks cooler

Your car or a car you like printed on a skateboard just looks much more awesome than a poster or frame. Even if after a few years you want to change your interior and decide to take the skateboard off the wall, you can still use it as a normal skateboard. You'll probably do your son or nephew a big favor with it.

Skateboards as wall art creates a depth effect

Another benefit of using skateboards as wall art is that it creates extra depth in the room you hang it in and on your wall. This not only makes it stand out extra, but also gives it a really nice effect that a poster or a frame does not.

Nice effect when you hang up multiple skateboards

In addition, you can also spread the car print across multiple skateboards to get such a fun effect. You can choose whether you want to spread the print on 2, 3 or even multiple skateboards. You can also choose the direction, you can place the print horizontally or vertically.

Combination of different cars on multiple decks

You can spread the print on different skateboard decks, but you can also choose to combine different skateboards with the same car in different colors, or with a range of cars. Take for example the iconic Volkswagen Golf on this 7-pack, On a poster it undoubtedly looks good, but say it yourself, on our skateboards it looks 10 times better.

Volkswagen VW Golf mk skateboard series

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